masonry8Created in 1942 by damming the Nottely River, Lake Nottely is a 4,180-acre Tennessee Valley Authority reservoir situated in Union County northwest of the settlement of Blairsville, Georgia on the southeastern boundary of the Georgia River watershed, located in the mountains and valleys of the Chattahoochee National Forest. Nonetheless, the lake in reality covers more than 20 miles south of the town with 106 miles of seashore. Blairsville is the nearest mid-sized city to Lake Nottely and profits significantly from sightseeing tourists that the lake brings for the duration of the warmer months.

The lake boasts a beach and camping spot and is a grand place for viewing natural world, it also offers an assortment of other leisure opportunities such as Auto Touring, Boating, Camping, Fishing, Horseback Riding, Hunting, Picnic, Restaurants, entertaining Vehicles, Museum Centers, Water Sports, jet skiing and nature Viewing. Rich waters and low fishing demands unite to make Nottely one of the most excellent fishing lakes in North Georgia sustaining a varied fish community such as dotted bass, largemouth bass, banded bass, rainbow trout, walleye and crappie.

Lots of other guests make up their own adventures by merging hiking and camping beside the water's edge of the lake. The mountains that take in Lake Nottely offer plenty of sight-seeing, in spite of the time of year. A good number of hikers and campers prefer the warm spring and breezy fall seasons to camp and hike the trails about the lake. Still others carry their own kayaks and canoes to benefit from a relaxing trip up and down the major waterways of Lake Nottely.
The lake comprises of two marinas and quite a few public boat ramps that offer entrance at different points on Lake Nottely. County-maintained Poteete Creek Park offers lake admission, a white sand seaside swimming region, campground, boating ramps and picnic conveniences.

Aside from leisure purposes, Lake Nottely is also used for power production and flood check and is favorable for water superiority, marine ecology and helps preserve direction-finding depth on the TVA ferment dam system.

In current years, numerous new homes and properties have added to Lake Nottely's budding value for recreation with hundreds of personal residential homes and lake cabins situated along the seashore offering its residents the joy of walking out on their porch and enjoying a picturesque view of the water stretched out before them. Mountain homes are just as as stunning, and provide its residents the benefits of a wider view of the lake from high up.

If you are in need of a cabin near Lake Nottely or a mountain home that sits high atop the lake and valleys below, Blairsville and the neighboring areas provide abundance of real estate options for interested parties. The bulk of these properties are listed solely with local real estate agents who are always on hand to help you get around the diverse landscape.

Hiking and camping are in fact the most excellent ways to see this splendid body of water and if you fall in love and intend coming back then you might want to consider purchasing a piece of real estate around Lake Nottely.