masonry15Suches is an unincorporated area in Union County, Georgia of the United States. With a height above sea level approaching 3,000 feet, Suches is usually described as - The Valley above the Clouds- and is one of the most elevated areas in the state. Suches Georgia is bordered by thousands of acres of the stunning Chattahoochee National Forest. The climate, land and the way of life in this charming farming neighbourhood are as good as those elsewhere. It is the place of birth of Arthur Woody, a forest ranger who was a prominent personality in the early history of Chattahoochee National Forest. Suches is located about a mile from the Appalachian Trail as it goes through Woody Gap.

Suches is surely a heaven for outdoor pleasures and if you fancy camping, canoeing, picnicking, hiking, fishing, and hunting, horseback riding or just sit under a tree and enjoy the clean mountain air. Key places to visit in Suches include Woody Gap, commonly referred to as the unofficial gateway; Dockery Lake, which is great for camping and fishing; Deep Hole Recreation Area, a beautiful fishing and camping spot in the Chattahoochee National Forest but which requires a licence before you can fish; and Sea Creek Falls, a small scenic waterfall. The natural beauty of the area can be viewed from various points around the town from the Swinging Bridge - a footbridge built over the Toccoa River; Sosebee Cove - which has lots of wildflowers and huge trees; Preacher's Rock – located a short hike off the main highway with a spectacular view; and Lake Winfield Scott - a hidden gem in the Chattahoochee National Forest.

The current businesses in Suches include Two Wheels of Suches, which cater to its visitor’s restaurants such as Wildcat Store and Diner, 180 Diner, High Valley Resort, other businesses and shopping avenues include the general store, budget propane and the U.S. Post Office.

Until recently, the yearly Tour de Georgia bicycle race goes through Suches on to Dahlonega thereby attracting many more visitors to the small beautiful town.

Real Estate in Suches, Georgia
Visitors to Suches, GA can rent or buy a log cabin on top of a mountain, on the edge of the Toccoa River. Single houses, townhouses, a few lake cabins and luxury apartments are available for rent or sale all around the town and its vicinity. Year round local realtors are available to assist you get the perfect apartment.

Suches, GA provides the perfect getaway for a vacation also its close proximity to so many places of interests keeps tourists occupied and away from the buzzing sound of the major cities while still being close a few hours ride to them. Short-term and permanent deals are handled with efficiency by realtors who do their possible best to get you the best deals the town has to offer.

The scenery is extremely breathtaking during the spring and fall, when the area puts on a spectacular show of nature at its finest and welcomes visitors from the heat of major cities all around the globe to partake in the fun.